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Why Packaging is a Great Marketing Tool?
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When you can’t directly communicate with your customers, packaging and ads do it for you. With modern innovative technology, now we can make this process more interactive. Hence, the importance of packaging as a marketing function has only increased. The significance of packaging can be understood through these four aspects:

  • Information transmission regarding the product to customers
  • Protection of the product from damage
  • Security from contamination or pilferage 
  • Convenience for storing and transporting 

To understand the greater importance of packaging as a marketing tool, we will have to dive deeper along with the above aspects.

Here are a few findings that show how packaging is emerging to be one of the greatest marketing tools.

  • Branding and Product Name Display

You know how much people love owning branded products. Packaging is a great way to establish your brand in the market. It helps make your product unique and allows your product to popularise among the crowd via product name display.

  • A Way to Communicate Benefits

Packaging allows for communication between brands and customers. It is a great space to let people know the benefits of having your product or what special features they will be missing out on if they don’t. For example, if your product is organic, environment-friendly, etc, mention that your packaging accounts for better marketing.

  • Design with Target Audience in Mind

Packaging allows you a space for curating exclusive designs based on your target audience. It allows space for a more personal, direct, and customized approach. It can take marketing in a very specific direction and yield better results through them rather than going with a generalized approach. Based on your target group, you can easily custom design your packaging for more effective marketing.

  • It’s Your Billboard at Retail Stores

We have often been too big or small retail stores and bought something that’s not on our list due to its attractive packaging or because the information given about the product on it appeared fascinating. Yes, that’s the key. Attractive packaging with the right information about the product always sells. Customers, sometimes, get drawn to packaging alone and it has the potential to make or break the first impression of your product in the market.

  • Allows Integration to Digital Marketing Processes

Now with innovative technology, we can integrate digital marketing processes with packaging. Scanning QR codes for feedback or to receive emails on upcoming promotions or product innovations is one way it is done. This allows creating an interactive space between the brand and its customers. By taking customers’ feedback and by giving them updates on how you have worked to improve their experiences, you build trust and better loyalty in the market. It is packaging that allows for all of this to happen.

  • Opportunity to Show Your Customers – You Care

One way you show that you care is through a flexible feedback system, as we mentioned earlier. Another way is to show that you invest in premium quality and top-notch packaging so that your customers can relax knowing what they buy from you is safe, clean, and damage-free. Also, by switching to sustainable and reusable packaging options, you further show them your interest in sustainable expansion. All of these add to great brand loyalty.

The above thoughts help us realize how important a marketing function packaging is. With a rise in the need for sustainable packaging, here are a few environmental considerations you can keep in mind:

  • Prefer easily disposable packaging options and if it is an environment-sensitive material, provide instruction for disposal along with the packaging.
  • Avoid usage of excessive packaging material and restrict to just one or two standard tamper-proof ones. 
  • Prefer recyclable or reusable material over the others.

We realize the importance of packaging for your business, so we have carefully curated a range of durable and sustainable packaging supplies that can further be customized to fulfill your packaging needs. Acquaint yourself with our packaging materials only at IreTex Premier.

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