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Which Packaging Supplies Are Right for Your Products?

Your packaging gives your customers the first impression about your brand and product. If you aren’t prudent enough while choosing it then, it could even be a sole reason for dent in sales, no matter how great your product quality is. People naturally like aesthetic and neat-looking articles; moreover, knowing that their order has been shipped with great care, safety, hygiene, and quality standards build their trust for your brand over time. Hence, carefully choosing the right packaging supplies, taking into account all your priorities and your customers’ priorities, is important.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to give you more clarity in the process of choosing the right packaging supplies for your products.

  • Are you packing fragile products?

Depending on whether or not you will be packing fragile, easily breakable items, you will have to decide your packaging materials. Based on the type and size of your product, you can decide whether you will need rigid packing, flexible packing or a mix of both.

  • Do you look forward to environment-friendly packaging?

If you are a brand that sticks to environment-friendly policies, this might be an important aspect to look at. This might also be a decision you can make based on what type of customers you serve. A certain set of customers, especially youngsters, really appreciate it when their favourite brand goes eco-friendly.

Once you decide on this, you can check out the various innovative, non-plastic packaging options. Flexible packaging options tend to be more eco-friendly than rigid options since it uses much less material and will have a significantly lower carbon footprint as compared to glass, cardboard etc.

  • What does your budget look like?

Depending on your product type and the priorities you have with regard to packaging, you set a budget and try to find packing materials that sit well with it. Costs would be comparatively less for flexible packing options as it takes up lesser space and material, the shipping and manufacturing cost would be considerably less too.

  • What are the packaging needs of your product?

Like the question we started with, look at what your product genuinely needs. Aesthetic appeal is definitely something to keep in mind, but overdoing your packing will only lead to unnecessary costs. See if yours is a fragile product, does it need to be handled with care or if it is a product the shape of which doesn’t really matter when packed. 

Also, decide on whether you need features such as waterproofing, dust-proofing, tamper-proofing, scratch absorption or cushioning. You come to a conclusion of packaging supplies based on this too.

  • Have you looked at your branding needs?

Packaging does play a huge role in branding too. It is often overlooked but not ought to be so. See if the packaging option you choose support customizations and will satisfy your branding needs in the future. It could be logo printing or letting you make specific designs on the packaging material.

  • How are you going to store or transport your product?

If your product spends long periods in warehouses or is being transported, then you might want to choose flexible packaging to make things cost-effective. But if it is a sensitive item, then you might have to invest in some rigid packaging itself to keep up your packaging quality.

If you have found answers to the above questions, we can have a more detailed look at rigid and flexible packaging options:

 Rigid packaging is a shape-maintaining packaging option that would offer your products a solid structure. It is the most ideal packaging option for fragile products to avoid breakage. It is known for its superior strength and includes corrugated boxes, glass jars, aluminium boxes/cans etc. 

The different types of rigid packaging are

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Glass jars
  • Aluminium cans/containers 
  • Plastic bottles
  • Paperboard boxes
  • Mailers/envelopes

Flexible packaging is packaging that can easily be converted into any form. They mostly come in the form of rolls, wraps and pouches. It has a lower cost and smaller environmental impact as compared to rigid packing materials.

Flexible packaging options can be:

If you have made a wise packaging decision by now, get your packaging supplies from IreTex Premier, a premium environment-friendly packaging range to guard your products safely in each phase they cross.

Which Packaging Supplies Are Right for Your Products

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