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5″ X 6″ Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers & Padded Envelopes (25’s Pack)

Kraft Paper Bubble Envelopes are Air Bubble Laminated Envelopesthat come in multiple sizes. These padded envelopes are packing envelopes made by laminating high-quality, 100% recyclable, air bubble wraps inside tamper-proof mailers.

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(25’s Pack)


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Paper padded envelopes come in varying sizes from 4.5"×10"5"x6"6"x9"8"x10"10"x12"10"x14", 12"x16"15"×19". These are widely used for mailing confidential documents, money, credit cards, Cheques or anything which needs extra security. The application varies from the e-commerce industry to different sectors including banks and post offices. The bubble mailers are 100% recyclable and are laminated with the paper using our strong glue, which in turn makes them tamper-evident envelopes.

  • Usage : Courier, Mailing
  • Material : Outer layer – Kraft paper Inner & layer – LDPE(Low-Density Poly Ethylene)
  • Thickness : 90Gsm Golden yellow kraft paper, Inner 55 Microns bubble
  • Top Features : Water resistance for some extend, Tamper-evident, Cushioning effect, Protective layer, peel and seal closure.
  • Dimension : (15″ X 19″)Inches
  • Quantity : 25 pieces.
  • Design : Plain
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Brand : IreTex Premier
  • Company Name : Ire Tex Premier India Pvt. Ltd.


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