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Which Packaging Supplies Are Right for Your Products
packaging trends

The packaging industry has come a long way starting from the times of Nicolas Appert. They go out of their way these days to communicate with their customers on a deeper level. 

Let’s have a look at some of the important features you should be focusing on next time while purchasing packaging materials!


We’ve witnessed drastic climatic changes from the past few years. Therefore it’s very important that we switch to sustainable packaging. Always go for companies that offer products that are eco-friendly and recyclable. 

IRE-TEX Premier ensures that our products are 100% recyclable and contribute to the sustainability of the environment!


One of the major problems faced by packagers is the high maintenance of the packaging materials. This happens when you purchase materials of poor quality. 

IRE-TEX Premier manufactures products using long-lasting top-notch quality materials. Premium kraft paper bubble mailers/envelopes is the best choice if you’re looking to meet the criteria.


Every individual packs their products with so much effort and care and wouldn’t want it to get damaged at any costs. However, packaging materials always have a chance of getting wet due to unfavourable conditions during shipping transits. 

But don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered. IRE-TEX Premier makes sure that almost all of our products are water resistant. Air bubble wrap/roll has been manufactured by us keeping this in mind!


If you’re looking for something to pack that fragile product of yours then you’re in the right place!

IRE-TEX Premier presents a range of products that are suitable for the same. 

Premium bubble packing covers/ envelopes, Premier epe cushion packing rolls and Premier tamper proof poly bubble envelopes are a few choices you can consider.


Different products come in different sizes and so does packaging. The Premier pack have introduced packaging products in customisable sizes.


Nowadays we all have a thing for anything that takes us back to the past even if it’s for a few minutes. This is a task because it’s not easy to bring about that nostalgia along with cost deduction and sustainability concerns. 

However, companies are attempting to provide such packaging styles in an environment-friendly manner. Unique and flexible colour rolls are the perfect choice for you if you’re looking forward to bringing in some vintage.

A product has to be packed nicely in order to steal the hearts of your customers. It serves as a base to bring in loyal customers. 

Multinational brands choose IRETEX PREMIER as their packaging partner to present their customers, with an unforgettable shopping and inboxing experience

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