100% Refund if you are not satisfied | 4.9/5 reviews
100% Refund if you are not satisfied | 4.9/5 reviews

Bubble Mailers/Envelopes

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IRETEX Premier Bubble Mailers/Envelopes

IRETEX premier offers a wide range of Bubble Envelopes packing solutions such as premium papercraft and poly bubble mailers. The bubble mailers are made up of high-quality LDPE material and have air bubble covers laminated inside. These padded envelopes are 100% recyclable.

These envelopes/mailers with bubble wraps are made of top-notch material and possess qualities such as dustproof, anti-scratch, tamper proof and self-adhesive to ensure maximum security.

Bubble mailers and Bubble wrap envelopes are widely used in the E-Commerce industry for mailing highly confidential documents such as passports, files etc. and for shipping couriers mainly fragile items.

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