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Bubble Mailers & Padded Envelopes

Premium quality bubble envelopes & bubble mailers to ensure that your professional paperwork stays wrinkle-free

Premier Bubble Mailers & Padded Bubble Envelopes

Premier offers a wide range of packing solutions such as premium papercraft Bubble Envelopes, Bubble Mailers, Poly Bubble Envelope, Bubble Sheet Laminated Envelopes, poly bubble mailers, etc. The bubble mailers are made up of high-quality LDPE material and have air bubble covers laminated inside.

These padded envelopes are 100% recyclable and come in a wide range of sizes as given below to meet your personalized needs.

These Bubble Wrap Envelopes are made of top-notch material and possess features such as dust-proof, anti-scratch, tamper proof and self-adhesive to ensure maximum security.

Bubble Mailers And More

Bubble Mailers are revolutionizing the packaging service solutions with its boundless effectiveness and efficiency. They are popular among Multinational Companies as their best option for saving inventory, sending confidential and fragile items all over the world.

Rising ecommerce enterprises paved the way to the successful establishment of Bubble Mailers among packing options in the market.

Bubble Mailers help bring down the overall cost significantly by reducing labor rate and return of items due to damage and thereby increasing profits. With great durability and availability in varied sizes, there is a Bubble Mailer choice for every packing requirement of yours.

Kraft Paper Bubble Envelopes / Mailers

Bubble mailers or Bubble Wrap Envelopes are widely used in the E-Commerce industry as courier envelopes for mailing highly confidential documents such as passports, files etc. They are also used as shipping mailers for shipping couriers, mainly fragile items.

Tamper Proof Poly Bubble Mailers / Envelopes

Tamper Proof Poly Bubble Mailers are tamper-evident padded envelopes. It comes with a self-adhesive feature making it an easy-to-use and safe option for the transit of fragile items and the courier of sensitive documents.

Why Choose Premier Packing?


IRE-TEX Premier Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers are 100% recyclable and contribute to the sustainability of the environment!

Strong Material

The Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers are made with exceptional quality in priority with thick LDPE heavy Duty Kraft material, widened sealed edge, and double seam that prevents edge-tearing.

 Dust proof 

In addition to tamper proof, our Bubble Mailers are anti scratch and dust proof due to its strong protection coating layer that keeps the items in good condition against dust or other unfavorable circumstances.

Strong Adhesion 

These Bubble Mailers possess strong self adhesion without any additional glue or seal, keeping your items safe from going missing during transits. Once the envelope has been sealed, it cannot be opened without visible signs of tampering. Protect your package delivery safely.

 Bubble Protection

The Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers has its interior covered with air bubble padding ensuring your fragile items are shipped undamaged.

Lightweight Material 

Our Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers are very lightweight and therefore easy to use. Light weight material enables you to carry them in bulk while travelling.

Easy Peel and Seal

An effective peel and seal option with extended seal flap making it easy to be flipped over after keeping the items inside. It ensures the safety and security of the package till it reaches its destination.

Available  in Different Sizes:

Choose your premium quality trustworthy packaging, available in 8 different sizes suitable for all your separate requirements while sending different sized items.

Safe & Secure

Our Ultimate intention with Kraft Paper Bubble mailers is to ensure maximum Safety and security for your packaging from getting lost or damaged during delivery transportation.

Easy Labelling

Bubble Mailers with Kraft Paper exterior makes it easy for you to label your items hustle free without smudging or wearing off during the transits.

Shop Top-notch quality Bubble Mailers from us and avail 7-days money-back guarantee!

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