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About Us

How We Came To Be!

Established in 2007, Ire-Tex Premier India Pvt. Ltd. is a packaging specialist worldwide. The parent company Ire-Tex was incorporated in the year 1995 by merging with ILP group in Ireland and Austin Foam Plastic Inc. in Texas, USA, and thus named Ire-Tex. With our consistent effort we have revolutionized the packaging industry by providing the best quality products in the market at a competitive price and emerged as one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Expanded Poly Ethylene Foam (EPE Foam) and Air Bubbles. And we are proud to be the one-stop packaging solution provider for global companies like Dell.

We dived into the packaging industry with a vision to revolutionize it and create a brand identity and signature, which we eventually achieved. Being in the industry for more than a decade now, we have set our standards high with an uncompromising product quality with competitive pricing, all without harming nature even slightly.

Our products are made with 100% recyclable material. There is no waste emission to the environment because of the recyclable nature the materials have. Besides, the gases used in the manufacture of products like bubble rolls are authentic natural gas like LPG. There is zero usage of water in the manufacturing process and thus, another possibility of wastage is avoided. Above all this, the quality like none other is what we have got to promise you.

The Products Speak for Itself!

No matter how much we brag about our facilities and specialties, it is always the product that speaks for itself. We offer you a range of products for Industrial, Retail and Decorative purposes. The quality of the products are top notch and uncompromised thus can be reused multiple times. Our industrial range includes EPE Foam Packing Rolls and Sheets, Air Bubble Film Rolls, Air Bubble Film Covers and Anti Static Foam which is also called the Electro Static Discharge Foam in the market. We also provide Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor Foam that protects metal from corrosion when wrapped around. Also Fabricated items made out of EPE Foam.

Talking about our Retail Products, the products we provide include:

Premier Air Bubble Packing Rolls, Premier Air Bubble Pouches/Packing Covers, Premier Cushion Foam Roll and Premier Cushion Foam  Envelopes.

In Tamper Proof covers, the Premier Bubble Laminated Tamper Proof Envelope, Premier Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers/ Padded Envelopes are the best for a safe courier. We also provide Premier Colour Foam Rolls, Swimming NoodlesBirthday décor kit and other decorative products to enrich your different needs.

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