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Dispatch your valuable items with Iretex Premier Pack Bubble Mailers, Padded Envelopes, Rolls etc.

About Premier Pack

Ire-Tex Premier Pack India Pvt Ltd. established in 2007 is a revolutionary packaging specialist worldwide. We provide premier quality packaging products in the market at a competitive price and emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of packing solutions. The Iretex Premier Pack offers international quality standards suitable for dispatching your valuable items safely and securely anywhere across the globe.

Why Choose Us?


Superior Quality

IRE-TEX Premier Pack manufactures products using long-lasting top-notch quality materials. They are highly water-resistant, dustproof, lightweight material, anti-scratch, good cushioning and recyclable. These features will protect your items from getting wet or damaged by any means during shipping.



Different products come in different sizes and so does the requirement for packaging. If you are looking for a premium quality trustworthy packaging solution with sizes customizable according to your needs, Iretex Premier Pack is your one-stop solution for it!


Environment Safe

IRE-TEX Premier Pack ensures 100% recyclable products that contribute to the safety and sustainability of our environment! The initiative was put forward with the aim to encourage a sustainable lifestyle by switching to eco-friendly products.

Brands Who Love Us!

Customer Testimonials

Good quality. They came in good packaging and I am very happy with the overall bubble packages.

Nanditha Vijayan

Amazing product & good quality. Very useful envelopes for packaging. Well worth the price and so much better than other local ones.


Very useful for couriering items. The inner bubble wrap layer makes it so protective. Good quality and worth the price.

Fathima Hilal

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